Dave Ellis Cowboy Bedroll

Dave Ellis Canvas Tents


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Dave Ellis Cowboy Bedroll. The perfect sleep bundle for inside your tent or under the stars, The Cowboy Bedroll is designed after cowboy bedding of old with material and design improvements signature to Colorado canvas legend, Dave Ellis. This is a deluxe canvas bivy sack with an integrated 3” sleeping pad. The canvas is rugged and durable 12.8oz cotton canvas, with a box shaped 34″W x 9″H x 7’L full zip-enclosure with a vented headboard to house all of your sleeping gear. Your mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, clothes, and toothbrush can all be rolled up inside and cinched into a tidy weather-resistant bundle within minutes to transport to your next site. The integrated head-flap which closes the roll doubles as a rain-fly in foul weather, keeping you warm and dry with ample ventilation through the mesh headboard. The elements stay out, and the cozy stays in, no matter where you sleep. This is the ultimate companion for camping, horseback expeditions, festivals, road-trips, or even random houseguests who deserve better than a saggy air mattress on the floor. You won’t believe it until you try one. This is the best outdoor sleep you’ll ever have.