Zaca Coffee - Bosko's Blend

Zaca Coffee


Zaca Coffee - Central Coast of California. Espresso Roast Coffee Beans. Notes of Dark Chocolate and Nuts. Full Body. 12 oz. package When Zaca Coffee decided to create an espresso blend, there was no question about the name. Bosko is the Decker terrier at their Ranch who spends his days chasing ground squirrels, running back and forth from the barn to the house, and generally “flying” through the day. His black and white coloring reminds them of the beautiful color of pure espresso with the delicious addition of milk… The perfect latte! This blend has been created specifically for the espresso experience featuring notes of chocolate fudge, pipe tobacco, nutty caramel, ripe plum, and baking spices, with a rich, syrupy mouthfeel and finish. This blend is beautifully balanced, rich in flavor, and ideal for pure espresso or latte/cappuccino preparations.  Beans grown in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia Whole Beans