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Zaca Coffee - Central Coast of California Medium Roast Coffee Beans Notes of Milk Chocolate and Baking Spices 12 oz. package

Hayley, Zaca Coffee’s co-founder, or “Yama” as she is known to her grandchildren, is constantly on the move – managing the Ranch’s herd of alpacas and llamas, keeping up with her family, managing the coffee business and hiking or riding on the Ranch. Yama likes her coffee rich and smooth with a little sweetness. When the coffee team was creating the blends for launching the company, the medium roasted balance of beans from four countries was the hit. Thus, the Yama Blend was born.

This coffee was created as a blend with the perfect balance of sweetness and body. With flavors of milk chocolate, baking spices, stone fruit, and almond, the Yama blend is complex enough for the most discerning coffee lover yet welcoming for all to enjoy. 

Beans grown inPeru, Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia. 

Roasted and Packaged on the Central Coast of California.

Whole Bean 

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